Sunday, August 3, 2014

traveling with toddlers

those words probably send some people shaking in their boots. toddlers, by nature, are hyper little godzillas. they enjoy running, roaring, stomping, and destroying things. locking them in their car seat for 5 plus hours? nope. no way. i will skip that five star hotel and ocean breeze to save myself the headache.


we make the trip super easy. how do you do that? there are a few simple things: food, having one person back there with the baby, and timing.

seriously though, food solves everything at this age. blueberries, grapes, animal crackers. all of that adds up to a happy godzilla. kind of like that snickers commercial! when parker gets food, he goes back to that sweet little toddler.

the person is important. it could be the mom or the dad, but i think it is best when the person doing the entertaining is not the disciplinary. the toddler needs an exciting face to be entertained with. uncle trevor to the rescue! he can share his watch, supply the food, have full baby babble conversations for hours, and just be fun. some kids enjoy iPads and movie, but parker doesn't like it. he needs some form of entertainment and what is better than his uncle?

timing. i am one of those go with the flow mom's. we aren't on a strict schedule. he might nap once a day and he usually goes to bed around 10. it works. we work. i am sure that when baby number two comes along, i will be forced to be on a schedule. so picking a time to leave was tough. we decided to make sure he did not nap at all and leave at 4. it worked out fairly well. he slept for quite some time!

really…. this is me just wanting to show you all our sweet family vacation. when i say family, i mean, faaaammiiillllyyyyy! not just my little family of three, but my parents, brothers, and one sister and her family. this makes for the best vacations ever.

 Anthony's Grotto is a family favorite. We go there every time. It has gone down hill a little in the recent years, but it is tradition I will keep alive because there is water and seagulls that come right up to you. He was in heaven.

 Our room had a huge balcony that opened up to the center of the Hotel Del. Every time we were in our room, Parker would run out and wave to all the people downstairs. He'd sit back, relax and have a good time. 

 Another tradition Parker was able to be part of this year was crab hunting. It is always one of the first activities we do there. He was a little scared to touch it, but the whole experience was perfection.

 my favorite daddy/parker moment. please excuse the hat, eric HAD to wear it the whole trip.

 parker is officially learning to skateboard. baby steps, my friend. he is going to be a pro in no time. long boarding was mine and eric's first date!

 we went to sea world and touched a ton of sharks and those little fish that latch on to your hand. 

 little lilly had a blast on the rides. 

 he did not care about shame at all. there you go, blackfish folk.

 we stayed in bed late with daddy. i think that is parker's favorite part! daddy all day!

 last year, the sand was the worst thing that had ever happened in his little life. this year, he couldn't get enough! parker even walked into the water all on his own. my baby is growing up.

 we modeled in front of the gorgeous elevator. maybe reliving mommy and daddy's engagement photos a bit. 

 "wooowwwww" and "whooooaaaa" were his reaction words to fireworks. we got to see them four night in a row! by the time fourth of july came around he was exhausted and cuddling water bottles. 

 learned how to show 'see' food!

 climbing trees like a champ!

ocean kisses were the perfect ending. 

best trips. best family. best baby. 

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