Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tough decision: Vaccinations

When I got pregnant, one of the first things I thought of was whooping cough. Isn't that weird? A little boy I watched at church had it and it was so upsetting to see him suffer (not to mention the fact that they brought him around others). He couldn't speak, he was always coughing, and I could hear him breathing from across the room. I never really questioned vaccinations. I had them. My siblings had them. We are all well! So why the outrage?

But, guys, seriously, how convincing is Jenny McCarthy? Okay, low blow, I know. To her credit, she did start college focusing on nursing. Honestly though, I started researching vaccinations like a lunatic. I read the pro's, the con's, the in-betweens. I read the stories of children suffering from the diseases vaccinations prevent. I read the heartbreaking story of sweet baby boy, too young to get vaccinated for whooping cough, pass away because another child did not have his shot. I read the stories of autism post-vaccinations. Getting these life saving vaccinations, falling ill, and waking up a different child. They all hurt my heart. But you know what? At the end of the day I have to do what is best for my baby and my family. I have to follow my mommy instinct.

I decided to get my baby vaccinated. However, we do not get every shot at the same time. We get one shot, wait a few weeks, and get another. I am very, very happy with my choice. Not a single regret.

The story that made me go this route is pretty sad, but I am grateful I heard it. I hope that it will help someone else that is trying to figure what to do. I got to know a man that bought a home and rented it out to the state of Arizona as a home for older, severely autistic people. The reason he did this  was because his brother was one of those living there. One day, after vaccines, he got a terrible fever and had to go to the emergency room. Though they brought it back down, they never found out why it happened. From that day on, he was never the same. He couldn't use the restroom alone any more, he wouldn't talk to any one and do homework. That mother never blamed the vaccinations. She blamed the doctor for administering too many vaccines at once. She had two more kids after that and you know what she did? She got them their vaccinations a few weeks apart. One shot, then another. But she never skipped one. She still found them so necessary in her children's life.

A mother directly affected by vaccinations supported them even after tragedy. 

That story sticks. As much as I hate what happened to this family, she taught me a lesson that will stay with me.

All of the articles and so called doctors claiming the terrible things vaccinations can cause did not convince me. They all seemed highly uneducated and just personal opinions over facts. Here are some of the most frustrating things I have said around me:

-Why would you inject your child with formaldehyde? I will answer this one with a question of my own… do you or your kids eat pears, apples, grapes, or bananas? Yes? These fruits (plus so much more) contain formaldehyde. You are eating it daily. It occurs naturally, but it is also used preserve the shelf life of the drugs (thanks Stephen!)

-These diseases are basically extinct. Do you know why they are so rare? Because of vaccines. It's true. Look at the record number of measles cases. This is because of the new trend of not vaccinating. I have also read somewhere that measles are not painful. Um, excuse me? This woman didn't even have it! I know a person that had it and she says it was absolutely miserable.

-The doctor is lying to you. They are in it with the government, they just want your money. Welp, great tactic guys! Preventing disease and making them nearly obsolete! I will give you my money to do so. Thanks!

If you choose not get your kids vaccinated, that is your choice. I am not going to sit and bash you for it. I am just letting you know how I handled the situation and the reason I went the way I went. I hope you read medical journals before you make your decision. You can read a million blogs, a million sites, but you will never be able to trust the these 100%. Don't forget your gut. Mommy/Daddy instinct is a fabulous thing. If you follow your gut, you are (hopefully) doing what is right for your baby. I mean, unless you are really just listening to Jenny McCarthy. Then you can't sit with us.

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